As part of our commitment to engaging and investing with small, early-stage, diverse, and women alternative investment managers, we host two industry-leading events annually. Our mission is to educate and raise the visibility of managers while encouraging institutional investors to pursue inclusive investments.

18th Annual Consortium

Virtual Conference

June 8+10, 2021

15th Annual SEM Conference

October 12+14, 2021

"A diverse and inclusive industry is better for everyone. It is good for a lot of reasons, but mainly because we believe it drives investment returns."

- Jon Levin, President, GCM Grosvenor

Virtual Conference | June 8+10, 2021

Online, interactive conference setting (500+ attendees at virtual event in 2020)

GPs receive small group coaching from LPs and “bootcamp” style training

LPs gain direct exposure to managers and participate in peer-to-peer idea exchange

Program tailored for representatives from women and diverse managers, interested investors, and their consultants

"Consortium encourages attendees to connect, learn from each other, share resources, and do business together."

- Renae Griffin, Executive Director, GCM Grosvenor

Virtual Conference | October 12+14, 2021

Large-scale event with strategy-specific content (900+ registrants in 2020)

GPs receive training and hear LPs’ perspectives on key issues

LPs get “first look” exposure to managers and receive an update on the small, emerging, and diverse manager market

Program geared for small, emerging, diverse and women managers, interested investors and their consultants