Sponsor Solutions

We provide catalytic seed investments to small, emerging, and diverse private equity firm founders to help launch and scale their investment firms. Our Sponsor Solutions strategy leverages the firm’s overall breadth and experience, including our $77 billion investment platform, multiple decades of experience investing in small, emerging, and diverse managers, and position as a leading private equity investor in the small- and middle-market.   

GCM Grosvenor
Elevate Strategy

In January 2023, we launched the GCM Grosvenor Elevate strategy with the goal of empowering investor entrepreneurs to successfully launch and scale their firms and build a more innovative and inclusive investment ecosystem.

The Firm Founders' Handbook​

Created in partnership between GCM Grosvenor and CalPERS, the Firm Founders’ Handbook seeks to lower barriers to entry for investor entrepreneurs by providing them with access to a suite of non-investment infrastructure support resources, key questions, and considerations required for successfully launching a firm.  


We have developed specific expertise in funding and supporting small, emerging, and diverse managers as part of our broad investment activity across alternative investments.

20+ yrs








Elevate Strategy Makes Strategic Investment in Excolere Equity Partners

Read the spotlight Q&A with Excolere Founder and Managing Partner, Tony Miller.

Seed Investments for Investor Entrepreneurs

The Elevate strategy will target meaningful seed investments in smallemerging, and diverse private equity managers focused on lower- and middle-market buyout strategies across industries 

Non-Investment Infrastructure Support

As part of the Elevate strategy, GCM Grosvenor will provide broad support to firm founders through consultative resources across key non-investment functions including: 

  • Operational Due Diligence 
  • Legal 
  • Compliance 
  • Finance 
  • Capital Formation 
  • Human Resources 
  • Information Technology  

"By providing access to scale capital, support for non-investment infrastructure needs, and an opportunity to harness the networks and experience required to invest appropriately in emerging firms, we hope to generate attractive returns and catalyze meaningful opportunities for the next generation of small, emerging, and diverse firm founders in our industry."

– Michael Sacks, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, GCM Grosvenor


If you are interested in speaking to a member of the team, please email [email protected].

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Elizabeth Browne
Managing Director
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Kevin Nickelberry
Managing Director

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Data as of December 31, 2023.

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Absolute Return Strategies

We offer clients a broad range of tailored solutions across strategies, including multi-strategy, macro, relative value, long/short equity, quantitative strategies, and opportunistic credit. Levaraging our large scale and presence in the industry, we are able to offer clients preferntial exposure to hard-to-access managers and seek to obtain terms that can drive economic and structural advantages.