Who We Are

Who We Are

GCM Grosvenor is a global alternative asset manager

We invest on behalf of clients who seek allocations to alternative investments, such as private equity, infrastructure, real estate, credit, and absolute return strategies. With approximately $71 billion in assets under management, we are one of the world’s largest and most diversified independent alternative asset management firms.

We specialize in developing customized portfolios for clients who want an active role in the development of their alternatives programs. We also offer multi-client portfolios for investors who desire a turn-key solution for accessing alternative investments. Our offerings include multi-manager portfolios as well as portfolios of direct investments and co-investments. Portfolios range from highly concentrated to broadly diversified.

GCM Grosvenor is headquartered in Chicago and has offices in New York, Toronto, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Seoul.

First year of investing
1 %
institutional assets
~$ 1 bn

What sets us apart

Alternative investing is our sole focus

We are among the few asset managers in the world whose sole focus is to offer clients investment management and advisory services across multiple alternative asset classes.

Substantial size and scale

Clients benefit from our investing strength and breadth of resources. Clients access our robust research, talented professionals and the preferential terms we achieve for our investments.

Specialists in customized investments

Since 1996, we have collaborated with clients to design, implement and manage customized portfolios of alternative investments.

Long investment heritage

We have been investing on behalf of clients since 1971.

Responsible investing

We believe that incorporating responsible investing considerations into investment decisions is the right thing to do for our business and, from a fiduciary standpoint, for our clients.


Our commitment to clients is rewarded through long-term relationships and strategic partnerships.

Collegial culture and corporate citizenship

We foster a collegial environment in which everyone is encouraged and empowered to make an impact. We support diversity, equity, and inclusion, and contribute to the communities in which we work. 

How to pronounce our name

The unique spelling of ‘Grosvenor’ has left some wondering how to pronounce it. Please use the phonetic spelling and audio clip below for the pronunciation.

gcm grōv’-nər