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Advancing the Industry,
One Action at a Time

Responsible Investing, Diversity Initiatives, and Corporate Citizenship

We are committed to acting in the long-term interests of all of our stakeholders. This philosophy drives us to invest responsibly, operate our business with integrity, and build a diverse and inclusive workplace where our employees can thrive. It also motivates us to volunteer and provide resources for organizations that strengthen the communities where we live and work. By focusing on these initiatives, we believe we are contributing to a successful future – for our clients, our employees, the industry, and our communities. 

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) at GCM Grosvenor

ESG considerations are a core value, which we embrace at every level of our organization.

Responsible Investment

ESG and impact investments are implemented through sustainably themed, socially constructive, and impact strategies.

~$21 billion

invested/committed in ESG and impact investments1


We educate and influence by hosting events that promote ESG themes and partnering with top industry organizations.

A+ Rating

from Principles of Responsible Investing (PRI)2

Responsible Business

We lead by example with our inclusive culture, community involvement, and environmental programs.

53% of senior professionals

are women or
ethnically diverse

ESG Data Convergence Project

As part of our ongoing commitment to embracing ESG considerations and standards, we are proud to be participating in the ESG Data Convergence Project. This collaboration seeks to increase the quality, availability, and comparability of ESG data for private markets through the collection and aggregation of ESG data.  

Inclusiveness is part of our ethos and is woven into our core activities. The diversity of our employees is a driving factor of success and is critical to our ability to create and deliver value to our clients.

We promote responsibility and transparency through our investment decisions, business practices, and our industry affiliations.                                                 

GCM Grosvenor hosts two signature conferences for the small, emerging, and diverse manager community to further raise the visibility of these managers. In 2021, nearly 1,000 people combined participated in the virtual events.

Giving back to our communities is one of our core values. Whether through hands-on volunteering, providing financial support, or acting as board members or mentors, the goal is the same – to make a difference.

Environmental, Social, and Governance Policy

Our ESG Policy provides a framework for how we apply ESG considerations regarding
our business, how we engage with the communities, and how we pursue, evaluate,
and implement investments. It is our ESG roadmap. Employees are required to read the document and abide by its guidelines.

ESG Committee

Our ESG Committee is responsible for developing and regularly reviewing the Firm’s ESG Policy


Jonathan Hirschtritt

Managing Director,


Jason Howard

Managing Director,
Private Equity Investments 


Sandee Hurse

Managing Director, Chief Human Resources Officer,
Office of the Chairman

Litman, Scott-pad

Scott Litman

Managing Director,
Infrastructure Investments


Fred Pollock

Managing Director,
Chief Investment Officer,
Office of the Chairman


Jorge Ramirez

Managing Director,
Labor & Government Strategies


David Richter

Managing Director,
Absolute Return Strategies


Stacie Selinger

Managing Director,
Head of Investor Relations,
Office of the Chairman


Amy Wierenga

Managing Director,
Risk Management


Bernard Yancovich

Managing Director, Private Equity Investments

1 Capital committed / invested. ESG data as of December 31, 2021. We define diverse managers as firms in which women or minority professionals account for at least 25% of firm economics.


2  We received an A+ rating from PRI for our approach to strategy and governance, and an A+ rating for ESG integration in private equity manager selection, approval, and monitoring. For the full GCM Grosvenor PRI Transparency Report, visit www.unpri.org. Assessment methodology can be found at https://www.unpri.org/reporting-and-assessment/how-investors-are-assessed-on-their-reporting/3066.article


Employee data as of April 1, 2022.


The data regarding ESG and impact investments (and sub-strategies) presented above is based on the amount committed to and invested in investments by GCM Grosvenor-managed portfolios as of the dates above, based on the assessment of each such investment by GCM Grosvenor investment team members. The relevant investments are placed into categories that are generally consistent with the categories presented in the UN PRI Impact Investing Market Map. Primary fund assessments are based on whether a significant part of the expected strategy of the primary fund falls into an ESG category. Co-investment categorizations are based either on categories represented by the co-investment sponsor or the underlying portfolio company. Diverse Manager investments include investments managed by or sponsored by a diverse manager, based on GCM Grosvenor’s definition of a diverse manager, which is determined by thresholds of manager economic ownership by diverse parties (race, gender, sexual orientation, veterans, disabled persons). There is significant subjectivity in placing an investment in a particular category, and conventions and methodologies used by GCM Grosvenor in categorizing investments and calculating the data presented may differ from those used by other investment managers.