Strategic Investments

Strategic Investments

Opportunistic investments sourced from our global, open-architecture platform and primarily executed via direct investments and co-investments.


GCM Grosvenor’s Strategic Investments Group manages opportunistic co-investments and direct investments across the alternative landscape. A flexible mandate allows the team to source investments across asset classes, liquidity profiles, and regions, leveraging the firm’s global, open-architecture platform. The team of dedicated investment professionals seeks to identify and exploit the most compelling risk-adjusted return opportunities leveraging the firm’s robust deal flow and market intelligence.


Strategic Investments Group inception


billion assets under management


investments executed1


billion cumulative commitments to underlying investments1

Flexibility: the Strategic Investments Group's Edge

The Strategic Investments Group (SIG) seeks to exploit the most compelling risk-adjusted return opportunities, leveraging the full power of GCM Grosvenor’s platform.

Dedicated Investment Team

SIG manages all strategic investments and opportunistic multi-asset class mandates

Global Investment Platform

Investment opportunities are sourced across asset classes, liquidity profiles and regions

Flexible Implementation

Investment execution across investments, primarily through direct investments, and co-investments

Distinct Fund Offerings

Synthesizing firm-wide best ideas and insights into commingled portfolios

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Data as of March 31, 2020, unless otherwise indicated.

1 Data as of December 31, 2020.

No assurance can be given that any investment will achieve its objectives or avoid losses. Unless apparent from context, all statements herein represent GCM Grosvenor’s opinion.