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The screen is grey and a blue GCM Grosvenor logo appears in the center. The logo fades and “Strategic Investments Group” appears in blue text at the center of the screen. The screen fades to a side view of Jon Levin speaking while sitting in an office.  

Jon Levin: The Strategic Investments Group is 



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“Jon Levin, President” appears in white text in the bottom left corner of the screen.  

Jon Levin: our direct investing opportunistic business that has 



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The name and title text fade away and the video switches to a front view of Jon with windows behind him looking out at the skyline.  

Jon Levin: the ability to leverage a broader 52 billion 



00:00:13.500 –> 00:00:16.400 

Jon Levin: dollar alternatives platform that invests across 



00:00:16.400 –> 00:00:19.400 

Jon Levin: geographies, across the liquidity spectrum, and all 



00:00:19.400 –> 00:00:22.300 

Jon Levin: the alternatives asset classes from hedge funds, to private equity, 



00:00:22.300 –> 00:00:26.800 

The video changes to an up close of David Richter with a dark backdrop behind him. “David Richter, Managing Director, Hedge Fund Strategies” appears on screen in the bottom right corner.  

Jon Levin: infrastructure, to real estate. David Richter: We have long-standing large 



00:00:26.800 –> 00:00:29.800 

David Richter: relationships with many of these managers. These 



00:00:29.800 –> 00:00:33.000 

The text fades away and the video changes to a side view of David with the glow from a window behind him.  

David Richter: are not well shopped ideas, these are proprietary ideas 



00:00:32.600 –> 00:00:35.700 

David Richter: from these managers that are coming to us and 



00:00:35.700 –> 00:00:39.600 

The video changes back to the up close of David.  

David Richter: to the extent that that these ideas 



00:00:39.600 –> 00:00:42.300 

David Richter: are profitable, we’re enhancing the relationship and 



00:00:42.300 –> 00:00:45.700 

The video switches to a front view of Fred Pollock sitting at his desk. “Fred Pollock, Group Head, Strategic Investments Group” appears in the bottom right corner of the screen.  

David Richter: also enhancing the revenues of these managers. Fred Pollock: A flexible mandate 



00:00:45.700 –> 00:00:49.200 

Fred Pollock is essential to making opportunistic investments. Our 



00:00:48.200 –> 00:00:52.000 

Fred Pollock group can invest across geographies, sectors, 



00:00:51.600 –> 00:00:55.500 

The text on screen goes away and the video changes to a side view of Fred.  

Fred Pollock as well as the capital structure. Most importantly 



00:00:54.500 –> 00:00:57.400 

Fred Pollock perhaps, we can invest across the 



00:00:57.400 –> 00:01:00.100 

The video changes to a front view of Sandee sitting at her desk with a light on.  

Fred Pollock liquidity spectrum. Sandee Hurse: In order to build the SIG team what we 



00:01:00.100 –> 00:01:03.500 

Sandee Hurse: did was really go out and look for the best investment professionals we 



00:01:03.500 –> 00:01:03.900 

Sandee Hurse: could find. 



00:01:04.600 –> 00:01:07.900 

The text fades away and the video changes to an up close view of Sandee.  

Sandee Hurse: As we thought about the people that we really wanted we, 



00:01:07.900 –> 00:01:10.500 

Sandee Hurse: looked for people who were intellectually curious people 



00:01:10.500 –> 00:01:13.700 

Sandee Hurse: who had solid technical skills, 



00:01:13.700 –> 00:01:16.500 

Sandee Hurse: but most important people who could think 



00:01:16.500 –> 00:01:19.600 

The video changes back to the original front view of Sandee.  

Sandee Hurse: on their feet, people who could understand where to 



00:01:19.600 –> 00:01:22.900 
The video changes to Francis Idehen sitting at his desk with a light on in the background. “Francis Idehen, Chief Operating Officer” appears on screen in the bottom left corner.  

Sandee Hurse: focus and how to find real opportunity. Francis Idehen: We 



00:01:22.900 –> 00:01:25.300 

Francis Idehen: also have to build out our operations structuring and 



00:01:25.300 –> 00:01:28.400 

Francis Idehen: trading capabilities to allow for fishing execution across global 



00:01:28.400 –> 00:01:28.700 

Francis Idehen: markets. 



00:01:29.600 –> 00:01:32.100 

Francis Idehen: Another advantage of the Grosvenor platform is that going 



00:01:32.100 –> 00:01:35.500 

Francis Idehen: in we had a deep bench of operations legal and compliance professionals 



00:01:35.500 –> 00:01:38.600 

The video changes to Scott Pearson standing in front of a glass staircase. “Scott Pearson, Managing Director, Client Group” appears on the bottom left corner of the screen.  

Francis Idehen: to help develop these capabilities. Scott Pearson: So clients often 



00:01:38.600 –> 00:01:41.400 

Scott Pearson: ask us where the strategy fits within their 



00:01:41.400 –> 00:01:44.400 

Scott Pearson: portfolio and what we’re doing at a very fundamental level 



00:01:44.400 –> 00:01:47.600 

Scott Pearson: is identifying and investing in strategies 



00:01:47.600 –> 00:01:50.900 

Scott Pearson: that are overlooked by the traditional asset 



00:01:50.900 –> 00:01:53.300 

The video changes to an up close of Scott talking in the same setting.  

Scott Pearson: allocation model. The Investments themselves are 



00:01:53.300 –> 00:01:56.400 

Scott Pearson: are typically classified as having intermediate term 



00:01:56.400 –> 00:01:59.300 

Scott Pearson: liquidity and they sit between a hedge fund 



00:01:59.300 –> 00:02:02.100 

Scott Pearson: investment and a private equity investment. So there’s 



00:02:02.100 –> 00:02:05.400 

Scott Pearson: typically a great deal of structural inefficiency, which 



00:02:05.400 –> 00:02:08.500 

The video changes back to the up close of David Richter with a dark background.  

Scott Pearson: we look to take advantage of. David Richter: These ideas are higher 



00:02:08.500 –> 00:02:11.100 

The video changes back to the side view of David talking.  

David Richter: return seeking ideas. There are risks and there’s 



00:02:11.100 –> 00:02:14.900 

David Richter: volatility associated with these ideas, but they’re quite eclectic 



00:02:14.900 –> 00:02:17.600 

David Richter: coming from all different types of managers across 



00:02:17.600 –> 00:02:20.600 

The video changes back to the up close of David.  

David Richter: sectors and regions and therefore they 



00:02:20.600 –> 00:02:23.400 

David Richter: have a lower overall market correlation. So the 



00:02:23.400 –> 00:02:26.700 

David Richter: idea that we can enhance our overall portfolio with 



00:02:26.700 –> 00:02:29.500 

David Richter: ideas that are high return seeking but lower correlated 



00:02:29.600 –> 00:02:31.400 

The video fades to a grey screen where the GCM Grosvenor logo in blue appears in the center “” appears underneath the logo. “Investments in alternatives are speculative and involve substantial risk, including strategy risks, manager risks, market risks, and structural/operational risks, and may result in the possible loss of your entire investment. Past performance in not necessarily indicative of future results.” appears in bold under the website. “The views expressed are for informational purposes only and are not intended to serve as a forecast, a guarantee of future results, investment recommendations or an offer to buy or sell securities by GCM Grosvenor. All expression of opinions are subject to change without notice in reaction to shifting market, economic, or political conditions. The investment strategies mentioned are not personalized to your financial circumstances or investment objectives, and difference in account size, the timing of transactions, market conditions prevailing at the time of investment may lead to different results. Certain information included herein may have been provided by parties not affiliated with GCM Grosvenor. GCM Grosvenor has not independently verified such information and makes no representation or warrant as to its accuracy or completeness.” appears as a footnote.  

David Richter: is very attractive in today’s environment. 


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