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Belmont Harbor is a multi-portfolio manager (PM) strategy. The strategy utilizes a low-net, long/short, multi-PM approach that seeks to deliver attractive returns and persistent alpha without regard to broad market direction. We harness the talent of our premier specialist PMs through our global sourcing network, sophisticated analytics, integrated risk management, and centralized operational framework.

Differentiated Approach

Premier Talent of
Niche Specialist PMs

  • Sustainable and competitive edge in onboarding highly experienced top talent.


  • Data-driven PM evaluation process focused on alpha and security selection skill.


  • Smaller, specialist PMs, often focused on small and midcap equities, have historically outperformed from an alpha generation perspective.


  • Daily analytics of all positions and portfolio exposures.


  • Comprehensive PM evaluation and alpha assessment.


  • Identification of nuanced risk and factor sensitivities.

Active Risk

  • Continuous oversight and interaction with PMs.

  • Actively managed portfolio risk.

  • Hedging of unwanted beta and/or factor exposures.

Centralized Operational

  • PMs trade on Belmont Harbor’s single balance sheet.


  • Centralized platform with significant operational resources.

Investor Friendly Terms

  • Monthly liquidity with 90 days’ notice; No gates or lock-ups.
  • Below average all-in fees/expenses.

“We believe Belmont Harbor’s structure and approach provide significant benefits to both the clients it serves and the Portfolio Managers with whom we partner.”

Frederick Pollock, Chief Investment Officer, GCM Grosvenor


If you are interested in speaking to a member of the team,
please email [email protected].

Investment Committee

Bradley Meyers
Managing Director,
Absolute Return Strategies
Fred Pollock
Frederick Pollock
Chief Investment Officer
David Richter
David Richter
Managing Director,
Absolute Return Strategies
Amy Wierenga
Chief Risk Officer

Portfolio Managers

Robert Doherty
Michael Murawczyk

PM Sourcing

Risk Management

Portfolio Strategy

Kevin Doonan
Roza Biberman
Hannah Abraham
Keith Friedman

Absolute Return Strategies

We offer clients a broad range of tailored solutions across strategies, including multi-strategy, macro, relative value, long/short equity, quantitative strategies, and opportunistic credit. Levaraging our large scale and presence in the industry, we are able to offer clients preferntial exposure to hard-to-access managers and seek to obtain terms that can drive economic and structural advantages.