Capitalizing on the Growing GP-Led Secondary Market

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Select risks include: risks related to the lack of a liquid, transparent market for secondary investments, performance risk, and risks related to sourcing investments.

This excerpt is taken from a paper in the GCM Grosvenor In-Depth series.

There has recently been a sharp rise in the number of GP-led private equity secondary market transactions as investors and sponsors alike recognize the benefits of the approach. Here we explore the reasons for the increase and highlight some of the advantages presented to secondary investors who pursue GP-led deals. In doing so, we present the key elements for investors to consider to best capitalize on GP-led secondaries.

Looking ahead

The GP-led market has seen tremendous growth in the past five years. Sponsors are increasingly using continuation funds as a mechanism to hold on to their trophy assets while also providing a liquidity option to investors. Given the attractive value proposition, several sponsors have utilized continuation funds as the primary exit path for their portfolio companies. We anticipate this trend will continue and we see buy-side capital as being the main constraint in the market today. As secondary players continue to raise record-level capital, we see a path to the GP-led volume growing another two- or three-fold over the next five years.


All data as of December 31, 2021 unless otherwise noted

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