GCM Grosvenor’s Co-Investment Deal Sourcing Platform Profiled in Buyouts Insider Special Report

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Buyouts insider co invest special report

Buyouts Insider’s October 2021 Deal Sourcing in the Mid-Market Special Report includes a keynote interview by GCM Grosvenor’s Co-Investment Team, detailing the importance and process of sourcing the right deals, choosing the right partner, and highlighting GCM Grosvenor’s experience in doing both.

In the interview, Lee Brashear, Jason Metakis, and Kevin Nickelberry discuss why co-investments are beneficial for investors, how deal sourcing for co-investments differs between the mid-market and large-cap market, and dig into how to source the right co-investment deal with the right sponsor. They explain how having a large platform of relationships with private equity firms and other managers gives GCM Grosvenor early access to an array of deals. They also share examples of successful co-invest deals we have done in the past.

The interview also highlights the team’s focus on small and emerging managers and discusses how investing with those managers as they are starting up can set up success in the future as they raise more capital and remember the support they received during their early deals.

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Buyouts Insider, published by PEI, was launched in 1988 and focuses on providing in-depth private capital coverage, industry intelligence, data, and trend analysis. To learn more, visit www.buyoutsinsider.com/.


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No assurance can be given that any investment will achieve its objectives or avoid losses. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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