Overallocated to PE? How Co-Investments Can Help Maintain Vintage-Year Exposure When Investment Dollars Are Scarce

In today’s market, many institutional investors are contending with overallocation to private capital strategies. Here, we discuss how co-investing can help them refrain from pausing new investments and maintain exposure to potentially high-performing vintages, even when investment dollars are scarce.


Have Your Cake and Eat it Too: Unlocking the Value of Middle Market Co-Investments

We explore two segments of the market in which we believe there is a particular opportunity to “have your cake and eat it too” by both buying at an attractive entry price as well as partnering with the right sponsor to drive value creation. These two segments are family-owned businesses and public-to-private transactions.


Widening the Lens of Private Credit Through Co-Investing

Here we spotlight three market trends that are currently creating opportunities in private credit and examine certain execution challenges that have precluded many investors from implementing credit co-investments. We also discuss why we believe GCM Grosvenor is well-suited to mitigate these challenges and deliver the benefits of private credit co-investing to our clients, in ways that suit them best.


Is Co-Investing Still the Right Approach During a Market Dislocation?

We address some of our clients’ most-often asked questions regarding buyout transactions and whether or not co-investing is the right approach given the current market environment.   


Why an Increasingly Volatile Market Environment Can Favor Middle Market Co-Investments

In our latest post, we discuss why we believe the case for co-investing in middle market companies is even more compelling amid the current, increasingly volatile, market conditions.


The Case for Accessing Infrastructure through Co-Investment Programs

We believe co-investing can be a fee-efficient way to gain diversified, appropriately risk-adjusted exposure to infrastructure, especially given current market conditions and volatility.


The Value of Being a Lead Co-Investor

We discuss the advantages that come with being a lead co-investor in a middle market buyout deal as well as the benefits that partnering with an efficient lead co-investor can bring to a sponsor.


GCM Grosvenor’s Co-Investment Deal Sourcing Platform Profiled in Buyouts Insider Special Report

Buyouts Insider’s October 2021 Deal Sourcing in the Mid-Market Special Report includes a keynote interview by GCM Grosvenor’s co-investment team, detailing the importance and process of sourcing the right deals, choosing the right co-invest partner, and highlighting GCM Grosvenor’s experience in doing both.


Absolute Return Strategies

We offer clients a broad range of tailored solutions across strategies, including multi-strategy, macro, relative value, long/short equity, quantitative strategies, and opportunistic credit. Levaraging our large scale and presence in the industry, we are able to offer clients preferntial exposure to hard-to-access managers and seek to obtain terms that can drive economic and structural advantages.